Enhancing lives through advanced technology

"Celi Group is driven by a passion for innovation. Every company in our
group is committed to this core philosophy and understands that only the world’s best user–friendly technology can enhance our customer’s lives.”

Ted Celi – Managing Director

The Celi Group was established in 1972 when Ted and Anne Celi founded Climate Technologies.

From this humble beginning, Climate Technologies has grown to be Australia’s largest manufacturer of heating and cooling appliances and features iconic brands such as Bonaire and Pyrox.

Today Climate Technologies forms a major part of the Celi Group, along with a mix of other companies in various sectors including industrial, property development and aviation.

The Group remains a family owned and operated business with Ted Celi as Managing Director. Employing more than 500 people (and many more indirectly), the group continues along a path of growth and expansion.


Enhancing lives through advanced technology

To start their business, the Celis sold their 1967 Falcon in 1972.Some 25 years later, they purchasedit back again and restored it.

The Celi Group is a proud and long time supporter of various charities and selected fund raising that assists the needy and disadvantaged.